NEVER Sell Your Home Empty, Unstyled, or Cluttered



Sell Faster & For More

We all want that ‘Premium Price’ when selling our home, but maximising that price involves several key elements that don’t just include the ability and function of your Real Estate Agent, but also the condition and presentation of your home, In fact, nothing is fundamentally more important than making sure your home is styled and presented in it’s absolute best light and condition.

Home styling, or ‘staging’ as it’s called in America where we have taken this direction from, is now amplified here with the growth in popularity of television shows like The Block and Selling Houses Australia, where styling has become a lot more common as people realise the economic advantage of professionally presenting their property.” 

It’s proven that a well styled home will sell faster and it will sell for more than an unstyled home. In fact a well styled home will sell for around 7-12% more than an unstyled home, so the financial benefits are definitely there, and they are there because a staggering 90% of buyers cannot see a homes real potential, so when that potential is realised through a professional stylist who will –

  • un-clutter your home of unnecessary items and distractions,
  • style your home to create space (adding or removing furniture)
  • accessorise to add a coordinated appeal

then your home will have wider more emotive appeal, that will create more interest, quicker, which leads to a higher price. Buyers look for a home logically, but they buy emotionally and so it’s the building of emotion that’s the key element in styling your home to be something buyers will just absolutely love.

At ‘The Property Artists’, one of our key tenets is to ensure, where appropriate, our vendors home is well styled and presented before we go to market and we do that through engaging a professional home stylist to consult with our vendor and at NO COST to them. We’re also very savvy ourselves in how to best style and present your home, so our vendors will never be short of the absolute best advice – and that advice starts with…NEVER sell your home empty, unstyled, or cluttered!

So, if you are thinking of selling, call Warren 0400505210, or Shelena 0417856607 for a friendly, no obligation chat about your best selling options.

Before and after photo’s courtesy of Domain – the real estate search website (

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