Welcome to The Property Artists, we style and furnish homes in preparation for sale. Property Styling, or 'Home Staging' as it is also known, has become an accepted key strategy for sellers wanting to maximise their sale price and minimise time on the market...we refer to it as 'Sell Faster - Sell for More'

Our role as your Property Stylist is to bring out your homes' true potential, to maximise its liveability, and to ramp up its's a kind of seduction! We want buyers to go WOW this looks absolutely amazing...I could live here, I want to live here. And when that happens - when a buyer falls in love with your home, then price will be justified...that's how you get a premium price, or as we call it - the 'love price'. 



Full or Partial Property Styling

We work with you, with your budget and with what is, or isn't, already in your home. Clearly a 'Full' Property Style with a connected and cohesive theme and quality throughout will have maximum impact and effect, however, in order to help keep the cost down, we are can complete a 'Partial' Property Styling where we either work to utelise some of your own furniture and furnishings, or where only select rooms are styled.

Our Difference

We are not just property stylists that WILL make your home look stunning, we are a complete home makeover team of experts that bring that expertise to bear in giving you the absolute best advice in what will enhance your property and its sale and definitely where not to spend money, or overcapitalise. We are also very proud of our range of unique and bespoke furniture and homewares, we have an amazing original art collection, and we are ready to go at a moments notice!



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