Warren Kibblewhite
Managing Director | Real Estate and Renovation Consultant

aka 'the energiser' 

The only characteristic that can match the level of Warrens' incredible breadth of knowledge, experience and success from over 32 years in the Property Industry, in both NZ and here in Australia, is his never ending energy! There's not much Warren hasn't achieved in the wider spectrum of Real Estate that's incorporated the highest levels of selling and Agency ownership, industry training, coaching and consulting, property renovation, flipping and development.

"The most satisfying aspect from my many roles is the genuine satisfaction in showing clients how they can can get way better use, function and enjoyment from their home. It really is natural and instinctive for me to walk through a home and almost instantly identify how that home can be better layed out to create space, better functionality, appeal, and of course value, but more importantly, on a tight budget".

And now, alongside long time partner (and one day wife to be) Shelena, they combine to make one of the most comprehensive and formidable teams in the business in bringing about absolute best our of your home and property.

Shelena Russell
Director | Chief Property Stylist | Artist | Mum

aka 'the fairy queen'

When Shelena enters your home, like magic, she waves her wand, you'll be instantly put at ease with all your worries are gone and your home will look amazing.

Alongside Shelena's incredible and natural talent as a property stylist, her greatest asset always has been, and always will be, her amazing people skills that flow from an immensely warm and friendly nature, Shelena is highly intuitive but also genuine about her approach to just empower her clients with the absolute best knowledge and the options in showing them how competent and dynamic we are at delivering solutions to help them prepare and ready their home for sale and to show it off in its absolute best light so it will stand out above the crowd so it will sell quicker and sell for more.

As a very successful Artist and multiple Gallery Owner for over a decade, Shelena's creative talents and eye for design give her an amazing ability to take the styling of your home to another level.

Kristy Davey
Property Stylist

aka 'super mum'

From nursing to parenting to property styling and what do they all have in common. Looking after people. It’s just natural to want to look after people and now I get to do what I’m passionate about. Styling homes. I’ve wanted to do this for many years but something was always was always in the way... a successful nursing career and then creating my own babies.

Kristy is a single mum of 4 beautiful children. From nursing to parenting to property styling. One thing they all have in common is looking after people. Kristy was a paediatric intensive care nurse for 9 years looking after very sick children and their families and she was very passionate about her job and great at what she did. Kristy then went on to have 4 of her own beautiful children and was a stay at home mum for many years whilst helping with family businesses over the years. Kristy’s passion was and still is looking after people. She had a kind heart and an amazing ability to build great raptures with people. Been a paediatric intensive care nurse helped her cement her ability to mulittask and then raising 4 young children very close in age had also contributed to prove that she is amazing at multitasking and it comes quite natural to her. Being an interior decorator or property stylist has been a dream of Kristy’s for the last 15 years but her nursing career was going so well it never eventuated and then with a growing family life was very busy but now her youngest child is in kindergarten Kristy is beyond excited to be able to peruse her dream that she is very passionate about. Not just caring for people but for their homes too. Kristy has a natural ability and eye for styling.