Stunning New Kitchen For Under $5000!

When it comes to transforming your kitchen there’s a quality and style to suit almost every budget and the rise of DIY and ‘flatpak’ kitchens means you can have a stunning transformation for less than $5000!

The amazing 2-tone kitchen pictured below was one of our own property renovation/flipping projects where the cabinets and benchtops cost just $3700. But if you’re not doing it yourself you will have to add on the installation, any alterations if the design requires, and any appliances you might want to replace/upgrade. So how much could these extra costs be…

Installation Price Guide $2,500+        Installation Time: 4-7 Days

The installation process usually starts with the decommissioning of your existing kitchen which can either be offered for sale by removal or just dumped at the local landfill. If your kitchen is a ‘flatpak’ DIY from the Bunnings ‘Kaboodle’ range or from ‘Ikea’, then assembly is required. What I like about purchasing through Ikea is that the kitchen you have just designed and ordered can be delivered next day into your home for under $100. Now that’s money well spent, because who wants to be lugging 500 kg’s of kitchen cabinetry and benchtops in and out of cars and up and down stairs…Not Me!!


Appliance packages that include an oven, ceramic cooktop and rangehood can be purchased new for under $1000, although you could spend $5000 or more if you’re a bit fussier. There are also great deals to be had on used and second hand appliances through Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree. Even on eBay you will find the same products, but with an unrecognisable brand for under half of what you would pay retail.


Splashback’s are both decorative and functional with the most common forms being glass, steel, or tiles. Tiles are a great DIY project where you may be paying less than $50 to purchase your tiles, adhesive and grout. Glass and steel on the other hand will most likely cost between $600 – $1000 for the average sized kitchen splashback area.


Our aim was to bring a small secluded kitchen into the open and to become part of the living and lifestyle space in this small apartment. We included a built-in dining table to conserve more space while making the kitchen/dining area appear bigger. 

Record price

As well as this being one of the cheapest kitchen reno’s we’ve done, it was also a huge factor in the full apartment renovation that helped us secure not just a full price sale, but a RECORD PRICE for the whole apartment complex. It was beautifully styled and furnished by our amazingly talented Property Stylist, Shelena Russell, which showcased the apartments successful transformation.

So don’t spend heaps more and wait heaps longer for a custom made kitchen, when a quality built, supplied and installed DIY kitchen will look amazing in nearly any home! Call us anytime for a free no obligation chat and quote.

Warren Kibblewhite
The Property Artists

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