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Selling your home creates many stresses and frustrations not to mention that you will be entering a realm that is more complex than you might first think with significant financial implications. So whether you're selling your home privately or through a Real Estate Agent, we have compiled the following important information to help you maximise your selling price, minimise your time on the market and hopefully reduce the stresses and frustrations often experienced... 

Thinking Private...?

We respect that some home owners are more than capable to manage the sale of their own home in the hope of saving themselves the Real Estate Agents Commission. To that end, we are happy to help by providing you with a FREE guide to selling your own home available for download by clicking here...



Home Presentation

Never sell your home empty, un-styled or cluttered. Its proven that a professionally styled and presented home will sell much quicker because it attracts more buyers and its appeal generates more interest, plus, it will sell for around 7 - 12% more than an un-styled home because 90% of buyers can't see a homes real potential, and when they do, emotion takes over and its emotion that build price...buyers might look for a home logically, but they buy emotionally.

Of course you could engage a professional property stylist for around a few hundred dollars who will inspect your home consulting with you on what you can do to maximise your homes appeal.

Home Presentation

There are of course the obvious things you can do that include de-cluttering your home of all the unnecessary accessories, untidiness and junk - this will immediately make your home look more spacious and more appealing. Where possible, keep your home light, if you have a dark corner then put a lamp in it. Don't clog your home up with lots of furniture, keep it sparse without looking barren - store some of that 'extra' furniture away if you can.

Style your home with tasteful and coordinated furnishings and homewares, and be conscious of any 'smells'. And keep the outside and gardens tidy and well maintained as well.


Marketing Options

Auction: Love it or hate it, sale by auction is the most successful method of sale accounting for a 90% plus success rate. Auction employs 4 key strategies that provide its success being, URGENCY - it creates urgency by having a pre-set 'sale date'; NO PRICE - the biggest barrier to purchase is always price and so Auction eliminates price marketing; MARKETING - your home is put on a pedestal with an elevated marketing campaign to find and attract more interest; COMPETITION - Auction puts buyers in competition with each other which forces the price up.

Marketing Options

Exclusive Agency: This is the most common form of Agency entered into with your Real Estate Agent where they hold the exclusive rights to market and sell your home over an agreed period of time. This exclusivity allows the respective Agent to commit totally to the process and the relationship with you without the fear of doing a considerable amount of work that could go unpaid if another agent (open agency appointment) sells the property.


Appraisal Values

The appraising of value in Real Estate is highly subjective and often complex with many factors that can be taken into account. And while we recommend when selling your home you do solicit appraisals from 2 or 3 agents, it is not as simple as selecting the agent with the 'best price'. Ultimately it will be 3 main factors that determine price being, the presentation of your home coupled with the strength and effectiveness of the marketing campaign and finally the negotiation skills of your agent. Having 2 or 3 agents appraise your home also allows you to assess those different agents and to get a better overview of what you need in that selection process.



You Can't Sell a Secret

There's an old but true adage of 'The more you tell, the more you sell." The appropriate marketing and advertising of your home is crucial to your sales outcome in terms of price obtained and time to sell. When you use your marketing to put your home on a pedestal and to 'stand out' you will get noticed and you will get more inspections. It also then follows that more inspections leads to more interest and more or competitive interest leads to a higher price.

Don't let your Real Estate Agent sell you short when it comes to advertising and if you're getting 'Free Advertising', then clearly you will not be getting a marketing campaign that is designed to get you that Premium Price!

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