Green Homes are our future and the smartest homes of all, so avoid underselling your Smart Home and get a Smart Agent to match!


When it comes time to sell, you need your Green Home to be appreciated, understood and its true value realised, and to do so you will need to engage a Real Estate Agent that knows a thing or two about them..and that's definitely us!

However you refer to your smart home (Green Home, Eco Home, Sustainable Home), the intrinsic design, materials and features can only be sold, with its maximum value realised, by someone that knows and understands them well and knows how to impart those benefits. Your Property Artists Agent Warren Kibblewhite is a more than just a big fan of Green Homes, in 2011/2012 he made a 10 episode TV series called 'Green Homes and Bacon' that showcased 10 of the most modern Green Homes Australia has to offer the world - and you can see that series here on Warren's Youtube Channel... or watch the series preview to the left...



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