sell faster - sell for more


The quest in selling any property involves a combination of very well executed strategies so the ultimate aim to 'Sell Faster - Sell For More' can be achieved. The one thing every home seller should be confident about is that when they finally sign off in accepting an offer for the purchase of their property, is that they are doing so having realised and maximised their selling price.



Social Media:

Facebook - Paid Boosted Posts

Photography & Video:

We excel at photography and video in marketing Real Estate. Video is the most powerful of all visual mediums yet it's only used in 10% of property marketing...we use it extensively, creatively and effectively - and at no cost to you. It's part of our attention to detail...


Negotiation Skills:

An agents skill in negotiating makes the single biggest difference to the financial return on the sale of your home, easily accounting for tens of thousands of dollars more to your sale price and are the core difference between a good Real Estate agent and an GREAT one. This is a highly crafted role and one we are proud to say we are at the top of our game with...

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