Its Just One Phone Call - In what can be the most difficult, stressful and emotional of times, the complete management and preparation of a deceased estate in readiness for sale, is just one reassuring phone call away...

As a team of professionals multi skilled through almost ever area of Real Estate and Property Services, we are as sensitive as we are dedicated to delivering a complete solution for the management towards sale of deceased estates.

The responsibility of managing a close family member’s home and possessions following their passing or their move to full-time care is significant, challenging and emotional, not to mention physical, and not everyone is up to the management of so many tasks and dealing with all the family members and stakeholders. As the representative of the executor, trustee or family, we understand all the roles and challenges involved, and work to make the all the procesess transparent, effective and as streamlined as is possible, while maintaining the important connections and sensitivities around such a difficult time.

We have significant experience in the valuation, management, distribution and/or sale of personal goods, property maintenance, and the preparation of properties for sale including our own furniture hire and property styling service. We take care of it all while you can concentrate on what really matters.

Our services include...

  • We can compile, sell, pack, donate, and transport the complete inventory
  • Pack and distribute belongings to nominated individuals
  • Offer start-to-end services to recycle, sell or donate any items of your deceased estate property
  • We can manage the deceased estates
  • Property cleaning
  • Removal of rubbish or any other recyclables
  • Complete all required interior and exterior maintenance tasks including renovations - where this might be calculated to achieve a financially better and faster sales result.
  • Personalised services that can be tailored according to your requirements
  • The referral to our select group of experienced, successful, and appropriate understanding Real Estate Agents

We do everything your property requires in the preparation for sale, and a sale at a better price and for a faster result

Just One Phone Call and We'll Help You Manage Your Deceased Estate...

We work closely with a range of clients including:

  • Elderly people who are too frail to do the physical work of preparing a property for sale.
  • Family members whose commitments leave them little time to assist with such work.
  • Friends or family who live vast distances from the deceased estate.
  • Solicitors who have been nominated as executors of deceased estates.
  • Those holding an Enduring Power of Attorney for frail or aged family members who need their property prepared for sale.

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