Warren Kibblewhite
Principal | Director

With an incredible breadth of knowledge, experience and success, there's not much Warren hasn't achieved in the wider spectrum of Real Estate with a career that's spanned 29 years and incorporated the highest levels of selling, multiple office Agency ownership, industry training and coaching, and property development and renovations. 

Starting his selling career in the suburbs of Wellington New Zealand, back (OK, way back) in 1988, was a tough introduction following the stock market crash of 1987. So, with a philosophy of working smarter not harder, Warren quickly undertook a passion for seeking out and learning the best from the best in the industry worldwide. He quickly added Auction Marketing and Auctioneering to his skills going on to Auction thousands of homes and lending his hand, and gavel, to hundreds of charity Auctions along the way.

Warren purchased his first Real Estate office in 1994 which he grew to 3 offices employing some 45 sales and administration staff collecting numerous national awards in the process. With building in his family bloodlines, Warren also started a small property development business where he was hands-on in construction when time and weekends allowed. In 2001, after selling his businesses, Warren moved to Australia and set up his own International Real Estate Training and Consulting Company which has only recently given way to being back at the coal face of his new Real Estate business incorporating both sales and renovations - The Property Artists!

"We don't just offer to sell your property we help you build and realise value to sell for more and to sell quicker...and what really excites me now is the amazing technologies, practices and the marketing options that weren't available just 10 years ago and we are right at the cutting edge for all of them!"

Shelena Russell
Salesperson | Artist

Shelena's greatest asset always has been and always will her amazing and genuine 'people skills'. With an immensely warm and friendly nature, Shelena is highly intuitive and perhaps the opposite of what you think a 'salesperson' should be. "What I've learnt about sales over the past 15 years is that selling is so much more intelligent...hard sell doesn't work long term and business is long term. It's about relationships and the trust you build through being genuine, knowledgeable, competent, enthusiastic and hard working. Our simple approach is to just empower our clients with the absolute best knowledge and options and then show them just how competent and dynamic we are at delivering solutions accordingly"

After emigrating from New Zealand in 2001, Shelena plucked up the confidence to throw the desk job away and pursue a substantially more creative and fulfilling career in Art - Visual Art. In 2003 she opened the first of what became 4 art galleries under her name and painted furiously. In 2005 with partner Warren's help they are credited with being the first to truly commercialise the 'photo's on Canvas' concept both in Australia and New Zealand.

Now, with all of her Gallery businesses behind her, Shelena revels in the opportunities to help her clients buy and sell Real Estate and to paint them a masterpiece when they do! Shelena still teaches art and is always busy helping her 14 year old daughter Cassidy transition into becoming a young woman.



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